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50% deposit on order balance payable on completion.

The top speed is 28kmph with a honda 15hp 4 stroke outboard, with a 4 blade low pitch propeller. Half throttle/crusing speeds are 21-23kmph

The boat with the sectionable fronts and ends removed is an identical footprint of the current Fryan 12ft and Quintrex 12ft boats. Overall length of the boat with the sectionable ends added is 6.7 meters. The boat is also comparable in weight with the complete hulls without motor being 85kg, weight with  Honda 15hp 4 stroke motor, steering and fuel is 140kg 


The Coach Cat offers many advantages over the competition, with safety on water being a major highlight. Because the boat has a monohull connected to two catamaran hulls the buoyancy is superior, allowing for a stable platform to preform rescue operations. The Coach Cat also puts out a fraction of the boat wash, meaning rowers can Row in a more suitable environment without negative exterior influences. The Coach Cat also comes with a unique launching and retrieval system with wheels that are apart of the boat, to remove the need for clunky trailers in the clubs. 

From the testing we have done in real time rowing situations, the boat used only 7 litres of fuel for an 8 hour day of umpiring at Lake Pupuke. This is due to the Honda 15hp 4 stroke being a leader in its class for both fuel efficency but also known for its reliable and quiet operation.

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