About Us

Welcome to Custom Carbon’s website. We’re more than a manufacturer, we live this stuff


aboutCustom Carbon has been producing oars and sculls in New Zealand for the past two decades. Started by a rower, who was convinced that the rowing community was paying too much for their oars, it has grown into a  business that manufactures and produces a full range of coastal rowing skiffs as well as other innovative products .We love our boating in its many forms and have a passion for coastal rowing in particular.In fact we have been a part of Coastal rowing since the first World Coastal Challenge hosted in Noli, Italy in 2003!

Our range of boats cover the 3 FISA recognised catergories which are the single, double scull and four/quad.Our philosophy is to always build for our customers the lightest highest specification product available for the price charged on the market.Please look through our range and contact us if you have any questions.