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We are proud to be able to offer an exciting new type of rowing craft that which we believe opens up the experience of rowing to everyone – experienced and novice alike. As keen rowers for some twenty years we are dedicated to any opportunity to allow more people to experience the exhilaration of propelling themselves in a rowing skiff. We truly believe that this boat gives enough true-blooded rowing feel of boat run and speed to satisfy even the most discerning experienced rower.

Recreational Rowing Videos

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Rowing as an exercise

As an exercise, rowing has been voted one of the most effective total body workouts possible. Taken to the water in the form of recreational rowing, it is a totally healthy and positive experience. People of all ages can enjoy this form of low impact exercise. Rowing as a crew teaches teambuilding and discipline in the best sense.
The aerobic conditioning developed through the exercise of rowing leads directly to better heart and respiratory condition, a better ability to deal with daily stresses and the opportunity to share a genuinely healthy experience with family and friends.


Following major enhancements to a proven blue water recreational rowing design, we are proud to be able to offer the AMIGA – a craft designed to boat two people easily in double scull configuration (see picture above) or to be sculled as a single scull with or without passengers.
Particular attention has been paid to weight to enable a larger craft that is easily handled by one person.
The hull design, while having no protruding fins or keel, has a dropped bow and stern, which ensures it, tracks straight and true. The craft’s one-piece design and flared bows make it exciting and capable in rough or smooth water conditions. Its generous beam gives reassuring stability and allows novices to quickly enjoy the pleasures of sculling.


Fibreglass hull in white gelcoat with red deck and reduced area cockpit with self-bailing cockpit.
Length: 557cm
Width: 75cm
Weight: 30kg for the hull and 7.5kg for each rigger unit
The high gloss gelcoat finish is durable and gives a professional finish. The boats are laminated in true composite fashion producing a stiff responsive skiff. All materials are of high quality to ensure many years of reliable service. Generous use of expanded foam ensures safety through buoyancy and added hull rigidity.

All boats will carry a 12-month warranty on parts and labour.

Rig set up

The boat can be rigged either as a double for two people to row, or as a single either with or without a passenger.

Double rig

Single rig

doublerig singlerig

Oar set up

Oars can be ordered either with an overlap (as per a normal sculling boat rig) or without overlap for beginners and non-rowers.


diagrama_00 Diagram A shows a traditional competitive rowing set-up for span ‚ in comparison to inboard  of the sculls.In simple terms rowers normally set themselves up with a significant overlap of their sculls. This necessitates setting up the heights of the gates with one higher than the other (normally left over rig ht). While this allows greater length sculls to be used at a larger gearing to be pulled it also complicates the rowing stroke, particularly in rough water conditions for inexperienced rowers.Standard scull lengths in this configuration are:
Sculls with Macon blades 293cm overall
Sculls with Chopper blades 289cm overall
diagramb_00 Diagram B demonstrates the effect of a reduction in  the inboard measurement of the sculls.The immediate benefit is the removal of the need to set the gates up with left over right and the ability to row without the risk of knocking your hands together. We recommend this configuration to most recreational rowers.Naturally in order to retain a similar feel to the stroke we have proportionally reduced the area of the blade and the overall length of the scull.The only effect the shorter overall length sculls produce is a smaller arc to transfer the power to the water this is negligible and of little effect in other than racing conditions.Standard scull lengths in this configuration are:
Sculls with Macon blades 262cm overall
Sculls with Chopper blades 255cm overall